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  • Kiwifruit Packing and Coolstorage

If you are interested in joining our high performing grower pool please contact our grower services team. Given we have no share purchase requirements; our service charges are very competitive. We are happy to do a financial (OGR) comparison with your current suppliers’ results to demonstrate the potential for increased returns when you pack with us. Contact Hugh Gardiner 027 286 6429 or Odette Chesterman 027 742 7177 to make the change today.


  • Controlled Atmosphere Storage

Bin storing kiwifruit under controlled atmosphere enables us to significantly increase the amount of fruit we can pack each season. Growers are compensated for weight and storage loss. Contact grower services to discuss whether your kiwifruit is suitable for this type of storage.

  • Harvest and Transport Services

MPAC contracts top quality service providers to harvest and transport our fruit to the packhouse and delivery to the wharf. These contractors are GAP compliant and follow strict Psa procedures as outlined in our packhouse DQS (Documented Quality System). Our harvest teams are well supervised and undergo regular auditing from the packhouse to ensure fruit quality is maintained and a clean pick is achieved. Bin or hourly rates can be negotiated by contacting our Grower Services department.


  • Orchard Management and Leasing Options

MPAC can arrange management and leasing options through our affiliated companies. Please call Hugh Gardiner to discuss which option would suit you. He will ensure you are put in touch with the appropriate management team.

  • Technical Advice on Growing Kiwifruit

MPAC puts out a regular technical bulletin to help our growers continue to produce high yield and good tasting crops. We keep New Variety growers abreast of current technical advice and can offer support or tailored advice where needed. Our grower field days are informal with grower led discussion whilst walking through our purpose built research orchard. These events are a good opportunity for grower interaction and a social get together. All growers are welcome to attend, see the Growers page for details of upcoming events.

  • Kiwigreen Monitoring

Our Kiwigreen team monitors orchards over the summer months for pests and diseases; predominantly counting leafroller and scale. New Zealand kiwifruit growers must follow stringent International Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) procedures which state they may only use certain sprays such as insecticides over summer in response to significant kiwigreen pest and disease monitoring results. Our Kiwigreen Monitoring service begins in December each year and is available to all growers (Not just those who pack with MPAC). Contact Donna 027 544 4485 or 5474404 to find out our rates and to arrange a monitoring round.

  • Maturity Monitoring

Our monitoring teams can collect fruit for maturity testing, size profiling, harvest clearance and residue testing. (This service is available for non-MPAC growers also) Our lab is linked to Agfirst so that your results are viewable on the Agfirst site, prediction curves are given for size, brix, dry matter, pressure and colour.

  • Psa Monitoring

Our experienced Psa-v monitoring team can identify primary and secondary Psa-V symptoms in your orchard. KVH recommends all orchards complete at least one round of monitoring in November each year, we have a team that can assist in this. Additionally our Psa manager can help show you how to identify symptoms yourself with an informative walk and discussion on Psa-V. (Available to non-MPAC growers also) Contact Odette on 027 742 7177.

  • Artificial Pollination

MPAC is closely integrated with two pollen suppliers who harvest and process male flowers ensure the highest quality pollen is supplied to our growers. Contact MPAC Grower Services 07 547 4400 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with expressions of interest, we will put you in touch with the appropriate supplier. We encourage you to submit orders early to avoid disappointment.

  • Soil and Leaf Sampling for Fertiliser Recommendations

MPAC can collect soil and leaf samples which we send to Hills Laboratories’ for analysis. We can then arrange for expert fertiliser recommendations to be made from the results of this information. Contact Grower Services to arrange.

  • Crop Estimation

We have teams available for bud counts at winter pruning, flower counts, and fruit counts. Correct crop estimation is an important on orchard management tool, additionally it enables us to predict our packing needs each season. Zespri base drawdown allocations on our estimation, and packaging is ordered based on these figures so accuracy is very important.

  • Grower Trials

We can assist growers in setting up and recording trials such as measuring the effects of artificial pollen or the use of HiCane. We also have experience in monitoring for Psa treatment trials. Contact Odette on 027 742 7177 to discuss.

  • Off-season Coolstorage /CA Store or Dry Store

We have safe secure storage space available from mid-October until the end of March, space and rates are negotiable please contact Daniel Riley by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 07 547 4416 for further information.

  • Off-Season Labour Hire

We have a core team of around 20 staff who we endeavour to keep employed year round. Please contact Ryan Manders or Natalie Bond if you can provide work for this hard-working reliable team from mid-October until the end of March.